About The Gurus

The Gurus

Behind this pretentiuos name there is a team made up of two Data Scientists & Engineers. In our spare time, we bootstrap business ideas trying to make them valuable for the community and profitable (or at least self-sustainable).

Oh, you may be wondering why we created The Gurus brand instead going solo. We are working full time at this moment of our lives, so all of this would not be possible without joining forces with people with complementary skills.

Our field of expertise is Data, so most ideas we bootstrap are (and will probably be) related to it. In case you are interested in our ideas, can read more here.

Pedro Muñoz Botas

Pedro Muñoz Botas

David Adrián Cañones Castellano

David Adrián Cañones Castellano

Forgot to say that The Gurus is also a psychedelic rock band from the 60’s. We are obviously not the same Gurus, but their music is cool (hope we have little more success):