DataTau (Hacker News for Data Science Newsboard)

  • Concept: DataTau is the reference newsboard for Data Scientists and Data Engineers inspired by the popular Hacker News. The site went down for a month and we decided to recover and open source it, rewriting application code from scratch and providing hosting. If you want to contribute to the project, or want to use the code to power your own community, please visit our GitHub repository.
  • Business Model: this is a free service as its Hacker News equivalent. Maybe in the future we could charge for posting jobs in the platform.
  • Technology: backend is based on Django. Frontend is made using Jinja templating system and vanilla Javascript.
  • Website:

The Moderator Guru (latest update: MVP out!)

  • Concept: this is an AI based text content moderator API. It uses state of the art NLP to spot and classify offensive messages. It is offered as a REST API. Customer send its text and get an evaluation.
  • Business Model: subscription (monthly periodicity) & pay per use. First pricing proposal: free tier with premium access (10$/m + 0.01$/call).
  • Technology: Model is based in Google/Jigsaw dataset, trained with Tensorflow. Backend is based on Django. Frontend is made using Django templating system and Bootstrap.
  • Website:

The Renfe Guru (name is provisional, latest state: scrapping data!)

  • Concept: this is a Spanish High Speed Train Service (Renfe AVE) tickets pricing monitoring system. It scrapes tickets pricing data periodically and stores it in a database. Ticket pricing changes based on demand and time, and there can be significant difference in price. We are creating this product mainly with ourselves in mind. Users can set up alarms using an email, choosing an origin and destination (cities), time (date and hour range picker) choosing a price reduction over mean price and giving a debit/credit card.
  • Business Model: conditional payment on event + advertising. If conditions are met, they will be sent an email with the link to the ticket buy page and an SMS. Selected advertising from traveling alternatives (car sharing and bus) will be displayed elegantly on email if alarm condition is not met.
  • Technology: this product is still a draft!
  • Website: this product is still a draft!